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Introducing Silver Line's Transparent SEO Strategy

Being Transparent About Our SEO Strategy

Great – you’ve put together a nice-looking website. But no one knows about it. Our Local Northern Virginia SEO service helps your business show up at the top of search engines, and in Google’s local listings. Silver Line Sites focuses on SEO in Northern Virginia, but we can handle other local areas as well. We’re more than happy to do video calls, and maybe even travel outside of our usual area to meet clients.

Frequently Asked Questions: Northern Virginia SEO

Why can’t I do my SEO myself?

You can. You totally can. If you have lots of time you want to put into SEO rather than your small business industry, you can. In order to do SEO well, you’ll probably want to put in the time we do into SEO. No, it’s not rocket science. We use expensive tools, follow search engine updates very closely and are able to leverage insights we gain managing SEO from other clients. SEO does however take time to learn and then implement.

If you’re a lawyer, your time is probably better spent covering cases and talking to clients. If you’re a realtor, you probably want to spend your day staying up-to-date on the housing market and being there for your clients, not trying to determine if search engines will think your content is readable.

Additionally, SEO is in part based on your ability to make progress. If you’re #1, search engines are constantly reassessing if you should still be #1. Are you generating new content? Are you getting mentioned around the internet more often than you were last month? This kind of type commitment is not feasible for most small businesses internally. 

How long does SEO take? I want to start generating business through search engines tomorrow.

Like most things, it depends. Depending on your part of Northern Virginia, the industry and the level of competitiveness, it can take upwards of 6 months to rank atop Northern Virginia search rankings. It can be as little as several weeks depending on the situation. Anyone who promises you fast performance  you’ll want to stay away from. Faster performance is possible, but sustainable performance is not. If your competitors spend $10,000 a month on SEO, you probably won’t outrank them by spending $300 a month on SEO. That’s the sad reality of it.

Why wouldn’t I just use Google Ads, then I’ll show up at the top of search rankings without having to wait months?

We love ads, we really do. The best digital marketing combination is some ads and some SEO. But the reality is 70-90% of people won’t click on these ads, and you probably don’t want to turn these people away. There’s a stigma of clicking on an ad. In some industries, the price you pay per click is so high, that you could be spending four-figures in a day just on Google Ads and not see a single conversion from website visitor to customer.

Is SEO important for everyone?

It’s important for the vast majority of small businesses. Even if you don’t want more business at the moment, having online leads coming in might help you sleep better at night knowing that if your existing business fell through, you’d be connected with people who are looking for you.

What Do Our SEO Packages Include?

We help small businesses implement blogs with local content to increase the likelihood they can rank for more keywords. 

This can include helping you get relevant backlinks, advising you on your content strategy or even creating the content for you.

We create our SEO plans like workout plans – below is what we start with, the low-hanging fruit, but over time our plans evolve. The reality is most small businesses aren’t doing everything they can to increase the likelihood that they rank.

We discuss keywords you want to rank for, your chances of ranking for them and then set out a plan.

If we don’t think we can help you – or if we think you are already doing well, we won’t take your money. Really. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Here are some of the things we do for your business along with links that explain why these strategies are important.

✔ Optimize your site map

✔ Create original content

✔ Provide feedback on your blog post strategy

✔ Advise on the SEO readability of your content

✔ Create up to 250 local listings in order to have more backlinks and another way for users to find you

✔ Removing inconsistent information from your local listings

✔ Google Analytics Review Discussions

✔ Help you get more backlinks to relevant, local businesses

✔ Optimize your Google My Business profile

✔ Technical SEO

✔ Google Search Console Submission & Review

✔ Creating Google AMP pages


Northern Virginia SEO Pricing

Our Northern Virginia SEO pricing can range from $300 a month to four-figures a month. We also often include on-page SEO on some of our website builds or redesigns.

Each client is different. A client may already have 250 local listings, and so charging for this wouldn’t make sense. On the other hand, a client may require more custom help than our Silver Plan details.

May 2020: The Latest in Northern Virginia SEO (Quick Blurb)

As we face COVID-19, anecdotally we’re hearing that businesses are scaling back their SEO spend. This presents a great opportunity for your SEO because keywords will be less competitive. 

Want to learn more about our views in Local SEO?

Check out our blog where we cover everything from digital advertising, to what’s happening in Northern Virginia. We try and update the blog 3 times a week, but like everyone else, we’re not perfect.