Pay-Per-Click Ads

We leverage pay-per-click ads to help Northern Virginia small businesses
bring in more leads

Platform Agnostic

When it comes to pay-per-click ads – the reality is there’s no one-size fits all for every Northern Virginia small business in online advertising. If we feel that your business benefits from Facebook ads, we’ll use Facebook ads. If we feel your business would be better off using Google Ads, Google Ads it is. 

The reality is niche businesses in home renovation for example might benefit from advertising on Houzz, while others might benefit from Yelp ads that could be totally useless to another – you get the point.

budget Conscious

Just because you’re not willing or able to spend six-figures on pay-per-click ads doesn’t mean you should be priced out of digital advertising for your Northern Virginia small business. We’ve seen small businesses bring in foot traffic or high-quality leads with as little as $10 a day of advertising spending. 

Many businesses don’t like to spend on something until they are confident it’s going to work. Fair enough. Some of the advertising platforms we work with even offer free ad credits. We’ve got $900 free of Yelp credits before and $300 of Google Ads credits

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Pay-Per Click Ads: Google

Our Google pay-per-click ads strategy uses geographic targeting to spend more on keywords that are more likely to convert – and less on the ones that won’t. For example, are you an HVAC company in Reston? Your customers are more likely to have a preference for a company that’s nearby. We would spend more money on keywords like “Reston HVAC” rather than “Springfield HVAC”. That’s because consumers in Springfield, VA are more likely to keep it local and pick someone in Springfield. 

Pay-Per-Click Ads: Facebook

We generally use Facebook pay-per-click ads for B2C businesses – but they can be useful for B2B as well in certain contexts. We like using them for “retargeting” website visitors. This means someone visited your website. But people are busy and forgetful in the 21st century. So if they visit your website, they’ll later see an ad when they’re on Facebook as a reminder that you exist. This helps increase conversions. 

With Facebook Ads, we can get target gender, likelihood of moving, annual income, city, etc. We can find the right people who are likely to be customers of your product! 

Pay-Per-Click Ads: LinkedIn

LinkedIn Ads are a B2B company’s dream. Do you want to reach realtors to use your window-cleaning service before they sell homes? Perfect, LinkedIn can help you reach a specific profession, company, etc. 

Pay-Per-Click Ads: Yelp

Some service businesses live and die on Yelp. However, just because you pay for Yelp ads doesn’t mean they’ll help drive in business. Believe me – we’ve tried it! Yelp pages should be structured to maximize click-through rate for your ads, etc. 

Northern Virginia Pay-Per-Click Ads

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Northern Virginia Pay-Per-Click ads

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