The Importance of Website Speed in 2020: What You Can Do About It

But wait… I don’t think my site is slow 

It’s important to realize whether or not your site is slow – and truth be told, you might not even realize it. How could that be? Your page may be cached. In other words, if you’re a business owner, you likely visit your website enough where your web browser is saving some of the files locally (on your computer), so that next time you visit your website, it doesn’t need to. If you use Chrome, open up a window in “Incognito mode” for Firefox, that’s a “Private window”. Then, load up your website. Notice it slower? So you’ve gotten past the first hump: recognizing your site is slow.

What if my site is fast? 

In many cases, we see sites that load fast because there’s just not much content on them. Unfortunately, this is no victory. The key is striking something of a balance between not enough media and too much media. If you are loading a high quality video as soon as your page loads, 

The internet has become the go-to directory, and if your listing is poor, you’re making a mistake. 

Why Does It Matter?

Having a slow website is going to increase your bounce rate. 

  • If your competitors sites are faster, two things will happen here. First, your competitors will rank higher in search engines. SEO in 2020 is more than ever about having a high quality user experience. 
  • Here’s an example: If you sell VHS tapes, and your rivals haven’t updated their sites since 2002, they might be slow. This could mean your site is. You might be able to outcompete them in search engine rankings and in user experience. 
  • Realize that not everyone’s internet is as fast as yours. Over half of all web browsing is done on mobile nowadays, and home internet connections tend to be faster than mobile, even when you’re using your smartphone on your home WiFi. Mobile usage has only trended up. 

User Experience

How many times have you clicked out of a website after waiting for it to load too long? If someone goes to your website, doesn’t like it and clicks back, returning to Google’s search results, this tells Google that your site isn’t good, and so over time, your site will be ranked lower.

Not Everyone Always Has Fast Internet

Heck, I’ve been at crowded sporting events where everyone’s on their cell phone and data is slow. Rather, than playing guessing games on your user’s internet speed, be ready for it all. This isn’t the only time when users have slow internet. 

Why It Especially Matters for eCommerce Players

If you sell virtually anything on your website, you could be competing with Amazon in some fashion, even though you may feel that your services are unique. Amazon even sells DIY houses.  Amazon does not take 13 seconds to load!

When Is It Overkill?

For most readers, the difference between a website loading in 1.4 seconds and 1.7 seconds is marginal. Massive ecommerce players like eBay will report that even one-millisecond can cost them millions of dollars over a year. But the difference between 8 seconds and 4 seconds is. I recently came across a real estate agent’s website that takes about 11 seconds to load. There are literally HUNDREDS of realtors in most areas. Imagine a young family is moving into a new area and like many people do, consults a real estate agent. They don’t have 10 word-of-mouth recommendations. Instead, they’ll Google search “real estate agent in XYZ city”. Yeah, you’ll probably want a good, fast website at this point.

Boosting Your Site Speed Is Worth It 

Increasing your site speed is generally something we don’t need to readdress often. Unless you like to tinker with the design of your website in a major and recurring way,

How Fast Can We Get Your Website to Be?

It really depends – there is a lot of low hanging fruit that you may not have considered before.

What We Can Do

Let’s say you use GoDaddy hosting, and they host your website in Dallas. 

You might not think it matters. After all, the internet works at the International Space Station.

Why would it matter? Well the further the user is from Dallas – the slower the site will be. We enable what are called Content Delivery Networks (CDNs), that will serve your website from other parts of the country.

Minifying Code

This is fancy talk for getting rid of the comments in the code. You’d be surprised, sometimes code can have lots of comments in it, and that can weigh down loading. The main reason to do this is it’s really easy to do. If you want the comments in your code, back them up.  

Re-Ordering Code

Your code might actually be in a poor order, unnecessarily slowing down the website. We can help re-order your code so what we want to load first, loads first in order to enhance the user experience.

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